Frederic Dorwart, Lawyers PLLC

Primary Areas of Practice

Real Estate Law

Our Real Estate Law practice deals with spectrum of issues relating to commercial real estate transactions from several of the different perspective involved. We work with buyers, lessors and lessees, investors, developers, borrowers and lenders. Our clients range from commercial banks and other lenders to oil and gas companies to retail property owners.


We work with these clients in each step of the real estate transaction. In preparation for buying, selling, or leasing land, we advise our clients regarding title issues, potential environmental liability, tax liability, and other matters that may alter the value or use of the property. Once our client is ready to proceed we work with them to structure and draft all of the necessary documentation, from purchase, sale, and easement agreements to finance and partnership contracts. Because real estate transactions only begin with land transfers, we also counsel our clients in land development and other issues, including zoning questions, construction contracts, and management and development agreements. Aside from land development, finance is another critical element in any real estate transaction. Recognizing this, our Real Estate practice draws on the experience of our attorneys involved in banking law to assist in structuring and implementing plans for financing real estate transactions.

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