Frederic Dorwart, Lawyers PLLC

Primary Areas of Practice

Business and Corporate Law

Our Business and Corporate Law practice encompasses an array of issues and touches upon virtually every other area of practice in the firm. At the core of this broad category, our firm performs the legal services relating to the formation, organization, and capitalization of businesses, the fiduciary duties of managers and the rights of shareholders, and the continuity of businesses. Additionally, our attorneys handle matters including executive compensation, mergers and acquisitions, franchise law, and corporate criminal defense. Our clients range from small, local businesses to large, international corporations. We work with sole proprietorship’s, joint ventures, family businesses, L.L.C.’s and all forms of partnerships. Additionally, our attorneys have advised and represented non-profit organizations. While listed as an “Area of Practice,” in reality our Business and Corporate Law practice represents the sum of all other parts of our firm’s practice. In handling general business matters, each of our attorneys brings to bear their specific experience in securities, employment, real estate, banking, or a number of other areas of law.

Attorneys in this area