Frederic Dorwart, Lawyers PLLC

Primary Areas of Practice

Criminal Defense

Our Criminal Defense practice focuses largely on white-collar crimes. We represent public and private businesses, their directors and officers, members of the financial industry, and non-profit corporations in the face of allegations including anti-trust violations, government contracting fraud, securities law violations, criminal RICO claims, environmental crimes, and various violations of financial institution regulations. In each case, our primary goal is to resolve any allegations before any hearings by demonstrating to the relevant agencies and prosecutors that criminal charges are unnecessary and unwarranted. Where such resolution is not possible, we vigorously defend our clients in all levels of both state as well as federal courts. Additionally, we represent our clients in any civil proceedings related to the criminal charges.


Because corporations would prefer to avoid even the pre-trial stages of criminal defense, we also assist clients in designing, implementing, and evaluating employee compliance programs designed to avoid any wrongdoing and quickly detect it if it does occur. If and when it does occur, we help conduct internal investigations and advise businesses regarding disclosure of any suspected criminal activity.

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