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Appellate Law

With complex litigation, the trial often marks only the first step in the legal contest. With several levels of appellate courts, each with varying procedures, the appeals process is easily as important and demanding as the initial trial. At Frederic Dorwart, Lawyers PLLC, our Appellate Law practice acts as a compliment to the work of our trial attorneys, carrying cases through from the conclusion of the trial to the final, favorable, resolution in District Courts, Courts of Appeals, or the Supreme Court. Our attorneys handle appeals covering a broad range of issues in both the state and the federal arena.


Unlike the trial level, where oral persuasion is dominant, the appeals process primarily involves review of the trial record, research into a number of legal issues, and drafting of clear and convincing briefs, with close attention paid to the rules governing length and deadlines for submission. In structuring the arguments for the appeals, our attorneys work closely with the trial lawyers for each case and draw on their intimate knowledge of the issues as they were presented in the trial. At the same time, our appellate lawyers bring a fresh perspective, allowing them to focus on the strongest arguments presented for our clients, even when those arguments were not seen as critical in the original hearing.


In addition, our appellate attorneys also assist at the trial level by rendering advice concerning dispositive or difficult motions such as motions to dismiss, and motions regarding class certification. Moreover, they work with the trial attorneys to ensure that issues of potential importance on appeal are developed, argued, and preserved in the trial.

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