Frederic Dorwart, Lawyers PLLC

Primary Areas of Practice

Retirement Community Law

In our Retirement Community Law practice, we represent nursing homes and other long-term care facilities, as well as their owners, managers and employees, in a full range of legal services. We assist our clients with licensure issues and we work to help them develop corporate compliance programs and maintain compliance with various federal and state regulations.


While we aim to minimize any civil or administrative actions through these compliance programs, our clients occasionally require representation in the face of civil or administrative actions. In these cases, we represent retirement communities against administrative actions by the Department of Justice, state attorney generals, and the Department of Health and Human Services under regulations including OBRA and the False Claims Act. Along with defending our clients against administrative actions, we also defend them against civil claims including slip and fall claims and allegations of abuse, professional misconduct, or failure to provide a proper standard of care. Aside from advising and representing our clients in compliance related issues, we also serve retirement communities in their general business dealings, from mergers and acquisitions to financing new facilities or facility improvements.

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