Frederic Dorwart, Lawyers PLLC

Primary Areas of Practice

Employment Law

In our Employment Law practice, we handle a range of issues in the employer/employee relationship. We work with shareholders and management in both large and small businesses to develop and implement employee benefit plans focusing on issues from health care and pensions to employee stock ownership and executive compensation. Once these plans are in place, we review them to ensure their compliance with the ever-changing ERISA and COBRA regulations and defend our clients against claims brought under these complex rules.


In addition to implementing and reviewing pension and employee benefit plans, we also represent our clients against discrimination and wrongful termination claims. Initially, and perhaps most importantly, we draft solid employment agreements and review personnel policies and procedures in an effort to avoid claims against the employer altogether. When claims do arise, however, we defend our clients before regulatory bodies including the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Oklahoma Human Rights Commission, and the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission.


We offer “Leaders and the Law” seminars for management designed to help employees avoid common workplace regulatory violations that can otherwise lead to litigation.

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